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Meet the team

EASP-SPSSI group pic.jpg

We work with academics, teachers, and educators from across the world, some of whom you can see in the photo above. Below are our core team members based at the University of Sussex.

Dr Matthew J. Easterbrook

Matt Easterbrook is a Reader in Social Psychology at the University of Sussex and directs INPSYED.  He conducts and supervises research that uses social psychological insights to help understand and decrease educational inequalities. 

IH pic.jpg
Mr Ian Hadden

Ian Hadden is a doctoral student working with Matt Easterbrook and Peter Harris.  He is developing tools for schools to assess their needs and design bespoke psychological interventions to reduce educational inequalities.

Staff pic - Kerry Fox.jpg
Dr Kerry Fox

Kerry Fox worked with Matt Easterbrook to implement a psychological intervention to reduce the social class attainment gap.  She is now a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton.

Karen Phalet - - prof - foto Andre Dejon
Professor Karen Phalet

Karen Phalet is a professor at the Psychology Department of K.U. Leuven, Belgium.   She is an international expert on social psychological processes contributing to educational inequality.

PH pic.jpg
Professor Peter Harris

Pete Harris is a professor of psychology specialising in self-affirmation; which has been developed into an intervention that can increase the educational attainment of poorly performing groups.

RB pic.jpeg
Professor Robin Banerjee

Robin Banerjee is head of the School of Psychology and a professor of developmental psychology.  He works closely with schools to research and safeguard students' social and emotional development.

Mr Lewis Doyle

Lewis Doyle is a doctoral student researching how social psychological processes contribute to educational outcomes and  prejudice.  He worked closely with Matt on the homeschooling project.

Mr Vlad Grozev

Vlad Grozev is a doctoral student researching the impact of working while studying in higher education. He worked closely with Matt on the homeschooling project.

2018.12.10-IRHsonyA7Rii-composite-2h HOR

External partners

We also have collaborators and partners at the following organisations:

  • Realising Opportunities, UK

  • Homewood school and sixth form, Kent, UK.

  • KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Belgium

  • University of Twente, Netherlands

  • University of Brighton, UK

  • University of Gdańsk, Poland

  • ODiTK Educational Foundation, Poland

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